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What does cut the malarkey mean?

Also known as 'cut the bullsh*t'. Simply means get to the point. Used most often when one is rambling to indicate they need to get to the crux of what they are trying to say. (MORE)

What is the origin of malarkey?

The Origin of "malarkey" is unknown, but its use was first reported in 1929. I just read recently that it was Gallic. My dad use to say it all the time.
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In Ireland

Is malarkey a Irish word?

It is an American-English word, with unknown origins. It's actually an Irish surname: it has a variety of spellings. Mullarkey, Mullarky, Malarkey etc.
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Where did the word MALARKEY originate?

It is an English word that first came into use in the 1920's, it is  of unknown origin. It means spoken nonsense or rubbish usually  uttered with the intent to deceive.
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