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What is the Malay peninsula?

The Malay Peninsula is a peninsula located in Southeast Asia. The peninsula is mainly made up of a part of the territory of Malaysia, but the southern most tips of Burma and T (MORE)

What is Malay food?

Malay cuisine, is the cuisine eaten by the ethnic Malays from Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and southern Thailand. Malays have their pwn unique cuisine, that differenciates it f (MORE)
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Why do malays fast?

It's not actually just Malays fasting, but generally, Muslims. Muslims practice the Five Pillars of Islam which include fasting in the month of Ramadan. Muslims must not eat o (MORE)

What is religion of Malay?

malays are Muslims in general but there are reports that there are some non Muslim malays..these are labeled "murtad" malays.

What do Malays celebrate?

Hari raya aidilfitri hari raya puasa hari raya haji prophet muhammad's birthday
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What is Malay thatch?

NIPA   ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````   Actually it is attap in English (Atap in Malay). Near the sea, attap is a thatch made from u (MORE)

Sorry in Malay?

To say sorry in Malay you would say maaf. To say I made a mistake  you would say, Saya telah membuat kesilapan.
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What is the adjective for Malay?

The proper noun Malay is both a demonym (person) and a language of  the Malays. It is also used as the proper adjective. (Malayans are  a tribe in India.)
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