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Where is Malay?

Malays are found in the Malay Archipelago and Malay Peninsula. They mostly live in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines. Their phsyical traits are (MORE)

Who are the malays?

Malays are an Austronesian group of peoples from Southeast Asia that inhabits the Malay Peninsula and islands of the Malay Archipelago, Indonesia, Brunei, southern Thailand an (MORE)

What is the Malay peninsula?

The Malay Peninsula is a peninsula located in Southeast Asia. The peninsula is mainly made up of a part of the territory of Malaysia, but the southern most tips of Burma and T (MORE)

What is a Malay sailor?

They were Southeast Asian seafarers who sailed the South China sea around the Malay archipelago. Many of the sailors converted to Islam in the fifteenth century. They were kno (MORE)

Are there Malays in the Philippines?

No there are no ethnic Malays in the Philippines. Not even in Mindanao or the Sulu Archipelago which touches Malaysia's northeastern most end. The presence of ethnic Malays in (MORE)

Where is The Malay Arhcipelago?

The Malay Archipelago consists of the modern day countries of Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and East Timor. This is where people got the concept of Malay as a race (MORE)