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Earl of Essex 1642-1649?

Elizabeth I chopped off the Earl of Essex's head because she had a soft spot for him and she didn't want to fall in love because she said she was married to England.
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Is Danbury the highest point in Essex?

No it quite definitely is not. The highest point in Essex is near High Wood, Chrishall at 147 metres above Ordnance Datum. Danbury is only approximately 107 metres. Large part (MORE)

Who made Essex shotguns?

The Crescent Gun Company made guns which were sold under assorted brand names back around the turn of the last century. "Essex", "Knickerbocker", "Lakeside", "American Gun Co. (MORE)

Is there a bus route from canvey island Essex to romford Essex?

  There is no direct bus, no. The best I can offer as an answer is a 3 hr+ trip:   * First 26 to Hadleigh  * Arriva 5 to Lakeside  * Arriva 370 or Blue Triangle 575 (MORE)
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Where can you get a lady Essex Sherwood platter?

Hi, if anyone is looking for a Lady Essex Green & Rose Sherwood Platter I have one right here.. I will be posting it on Ebay along with most of the set. Please contact me if y (MORE)

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