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What do male kangaroos do?

Male kangaroos fight each other to be the dominant male in a mob, which may include between just six or seven kangaroos, or a dozen or more. Femles will only allow the dominan (MORE)
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What is male edging?

It's a technique when a guy stops all stimulation for a brief period as he reaches climax, then starts again. This process can be repeated as many times as he wishes.
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How you can be a male escort?

by opening the car door and such be mature and don't talk about inappropriate stuff help her sit down in a restaurant by pulling out the chair for her be funny and sweet but p (MORE)

What is male dog?

A male dog is a dog, but, the opposite of a female dog! Like a "boy" dog. It isnt a girl
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What is a male gamete?

  Answer   sperm, a single cell containing half of the father male original genetic composition. by meeting up with the female egg it will fertilize it and start to (MORE)
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What is a male horse?

There are many names for a male horse such as Colt , Stallion ,Gelding but it all depends on wheather it is gelded or not .
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What is male catheterization?

Urinary catheterization is the insertion of a catheter through the urethra into the urinary bladder for withdrawal of urine.
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Was Gandhi a male?

This is a very common name in India, not unlike the name Smith among English speakers. Many people in western cultures think only of the Mahatma (a title meaning Great Soul) w (MORE)
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Are flatworms male?

A species cannot consist entirely of males. Some flatworms  reproduce asexually, so the male and female sexes do not exist for  them. Others male have male and female sexes. (MORE)