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What is a she-male?

Another word for a tranny, someone who appears to be a woman but in fact has a penis not a vagina.Also of having a vagina as well.
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Why are you male?

The sperm that reached the egg first and became you was carrying the chromosomes to make a male human.
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What causes male humans to be male?

It happens in sexual intercourse. If the sperm is a male and the egg is female it will be male but if both are female, it will be female!
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Why are males attracted to males?

It's mostly physical. Sometimes a guy has certain feature that another guy don't have but desire.
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How do you a male?

firstly take rotate your partner to show his butt to you   then stick your penis there   there you go
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Why is a male a male?

Male humans have a different genetic structure from females, consisting of an X and a Y chromosome, where females have two X chromosomes. The genetic difference accounts for v (MORE)