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Can trauma aggravate Arnold Chiari malformation?

According to the neurologist my daughter is currently seeing prior to her brain procedure any hard hit to the back of the head can paralyze her or kill her...The ex. she gave (MORE)

Can Chiari malformation cause death?

  Death is rare, but can happen. I know this because my son passed away 15 months ago. Cause: Chiari Malformation, Type 1. We were unaware of the condition and he seemed v (MORE)

What is this slight encroachment by the cerebellar tonsils on the foramen magnum without high grade Chiari malformation?

The cerebellar tonsils are crowding or pushing down toward the foramen magnum which could be nothing to worry about unless you have a lot of headaches, neck pain, numbness in (MORE)
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Can trauma aggrevate Chiari malformation?

A very tough question to answer even if a specific incident or type of trauma was added. Even with more information provided, top Neurosurgeons and Neurologists who specialize (MORE)

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Is possable to also have AVM in a muscle malformation in your feet?

  Answer   Yes it is possible. Although about 50% of AVM's are in the brain, they can be anywhere in the body. I have several in my left leg. My symptoms are a lo (MORE)

Do people die from Chiari Malformation?

Yes though it is extremely rare it has been proven that it can  cause a rare form of sudden death syndrome by forming a lethal  brain stem compression.     Chiari (MORE)