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Can Chiari malformation cause epilepsy?

Chiari Malformation is a structural abnormality of the brain resulting in the lower portion of the brain herniating out of the skull (measured in millimeters). Any time a stru (MORE)

Can Chiari malformation cause death?

  Death is rare, but can happen. I know this because my son passed away 15 months ago. Cause: Chiari Malformation, Type 1. We were unaware of the condition and he seemed v (MORE)

What is Chiari Malformation?

Chiari malformations refer to a series of conditions in whichthe cerebellum and brain stem have fallen into the spinal canal dueto a small or misshapen skull . Type 1 a smal (MORE)
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Can trauma aggrevate Chiari malformation?

A very tough question to answer even if a specific incident or type of trauma was added. Even with more information provided, top Neurosurgeons and Neurologists who specialize (MORE)

What is karie malformation?

The closest match for karie malformation is Chiari malformation.  When the brain tissue spreads down into a person's spinal cord,  this is called Chiari malformation. Treatm (MORE)

Do people die from Chiari Malformation?

Yes though it is extremely rare it has been proven that it can  cause a rare form of sudden death syndrome by forming a lethal  brain stem compression.     Chiari (MORE)