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Can a malfunction in the fuel pump cause a malfunction in the theft system?

If you have a VATS (vehicle anti theft system) equipped vehicle, it would be the other way around....The theft system would cause the fuel pump malfunction. If the theft syste (MORE)

Malfunction message engine system malfunction - Ford Focus?

Hello, everyone i have a ford focus 07 plate. There is a massage coming up every time i start the engine it says engine system fault and malfunction transmission.i took it to (MORE)

What is an ecu malfunction?

Emission control unit for your car, may show as numerous problems that come and go causing check engine light to come on or the car to run erratically or even not run at all.

How can a neuron malfunction?

Many things can perturb the normal function of a neuron: - fluid electrolyte homeostasis (sodium, calcium, potassium, chloride - all have to be tightly regulated inside and (MORE)

Can scantrons malfunction?

Any piece of technology can malfunction. The best person to find out if your machine has malfunctioned is a factory trained repair technician.
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What does malfunction means?

  (of a piece of equipment or machinery) fail to function  normally or satisfactorily.  "the unit is clearly malfunctioning"       synonyms:  crash, go wron (MORE)