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How do you fix bugs and malfunctions on WikiAnswers?

If you discover bugs or malfunctions... contact a supervisor of the  category where you found the problem (they're listed on the right  of the screen). Either the supervisor (MORE)

Can a malfunction in the fuel pump cause a malfunction in the theft system?

If you have a VATS (vehicle anti theft system) equipped vehicle, it would be the other way around....The theft system would cause the fuel pump malfunction. If the theft syste (MORE)

Why cable modem malfunction?

If it has stopped working even if the lights are on/off doesnt matter. Modems usually only last around 2 years or so. I suggest getting a new modem. It does not need to be a r (MORE)

What is an ecu malfunction?

Emission control unit for your car, may show as numerous problems that come and go causing check engine light to come on or the car to run erratically or even not run at all.

Deawoo Malfunction Indicator Lamp?

The Daewoo Malfunction Indicator Lamp comes on for a bulb check  when you turn the ignition switch to the 'on' position. The light  should then go out when you start the car (MORE)

How do you know it's your thermostat that is malfunctioning?

thermostat, water pump, temperature gauge, or coolant? listen for the sound of boiling coolant (rule out temperature gauge, or coolant if present). Stop immediately, if presen (MORE)

Can a lie detector malfunction?

Yes... in fact, in my opinion I don't think they work ** NEW ANSWER ** Like any other piece of equipment, a polygraph instrument can have malfunctions and these malfunction (MORE)
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What to do if the ECG machine malfunction?

If the ECG machine malfunctions you will need to redo the test. You can try unplugging the machine and replugging it to see if that resets the system.
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