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How do you solve malnutrition in the Philippines?

solving malnutrition is not an easy task, both for the national and local government. it takes a lot of study and series of observation. we already have proven that malnutriti (MORE)
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How do you recognise malnutrition?

The person looks skinnier than skinny, If his/her BMI(Body Mass Index) is lesser than 18.
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What is the causes and effects of malnutrition in the Philippines?

The causes of malnutrition in the Philippines are poverty and lack  of affordable food. The effects of malnutrition are severe vitamin  deficiencies and stunted growth.
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What is the different between malnutrition and anorexia?

Malnutrition is more of a state where a person does not get enough nutrients to keep their body healthy. Anorexia is more of a disorder, sort of a mental disorder, where a per (MORE)

How can someone who is obese suffer from malnutrition?

It is very possible to eat too much food and still not get enough nutrition, hence resulting in malnutrition. You could eat the recommended daily amount of calories in pure su (MORE)
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Which countries are MOST affected with malnutrition?

Country and number of Undernourished (million) India217.05 China154.0 Bangladesh43.45 Democratic Republic of Congo37.0 Pakistan35.2 Ethiopia31.5 Tanzania16.1 Philippines15.2 B (MORE)

How does eating disorders cause malnutrition?

Eating disorders that can cause malnutrition are most commonly anorexia and bulimia. In both, the body is not gaining the essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals, calories, fa (MORE)