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Are maltesers from Malta?

No, Maltesers are part of The Mars Group, and their names are devised of 'Malt' [One of the main ingredients] and 'Teasers' [As they say, it teases you]. They are actually mai (MORE)

Are Maltese energetic?

Well Maltese are said to be lapdogs but i own one right now and he is very energetic and he thinks he is bigger than any other dog plus they love the attention but trust me no (MORE)

Do Maltese Shed?

Nope. Instead of fur, they have hair. When someone thinks of hair they usually think of the hair on people. But the definition hair is that it just keeps on growing and never (MORE)

Where do Maltese tigers live?

A few unconfirmed reports of Maltese tigers in the wild spring up on occasion. Many come from the depths of the Chinese wilderness, but other reports hail from Korea, home of (MORE)

How tall can a Maltese get?

   A female Maltese can get to the height of 7.5-9 inches and a male Maltese can reach the height of 8-10 inches.
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Do Maltese bite?

They have teeth so yes, they can bite. I think what you want to know is how often they bite. Just like any dog, it is ask about how you raise them. I have has mine for twelve (MORE)