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What is man?

a strange thing! something that farts, burps, is gross, imature, sloppy and most importantly turns on women! wiltmaster's answer: okay, the above answer was pretty much defin (MORE)

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What is a man?

A man is a part of the primate family. The scientific name of modern man is "homo sapien".    A man is an adult human male. When used in this way, the word man  is a nou (MORE)
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How did you get a man?

  you dont get men, they come to you. if he is a good boy then if you act as yourself you will get them. guys hate it when you chase them around. tempt them but also put a (MORE)

What is a man answer?

  Answer:   a man answer, is a "manswer". (dialog example)   boyfriend: its time for some Manswer's!   Girlfriend: Blah, Blah, Blah, answer. Blah.
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Why is a man a man?

'man' is a man because of intelligence. The word 'man' appears originated from 'mind', more specifically from the Sanskrit word manas (S's) or maanasa (मानस) which a (MORE)

How to get your man?

  First get your life in order again, next make yourself attractive at home and office then only you have a brighter chance.
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