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Is a portable air conditioner expensive?

Portable air conditioners are not expensive to buy, but they are more expensive to run than a whole house air conditioner. However, if your house does not have central air, a (MORE)
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How big are portable air conditioners?

Portable air conditioners come in various sizes. Though being portable means they are small enough to be conveniently moved around. The most common size are the ones that fit (MORE)

Can you make a window air conditioner portable?

The previous answer was "Yes It is totally portable. You will need a portable extension cord also or a portable AC generator." It is self-evident that it is portable in the s (MORE)

Do portable air conditioners work?

Yes, they can work very well but you have to be aware of how to position them for best cooling effect: you can't just stand a portable air conditioning unit in the middle of t (MORE)

How do you install a portable air conditioner?

Luckily, installing a portable air conditioner is easy. The first thing you want to do is unpack the unit. I recommend reviewing the installation instructions before getting s (MORE)
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How much is a portable air conditioner?

An average portable air conditioning unit is likely to cost your around the ´£200 mark. These tend to be the lower end products, and a unit can easily cost up to ´£500.
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How does the heat work in a portable air conditioner?

Some portable air conditioners use heat pump technology, which works like the cooling process but in reverse. Others have a built in electric heater that they use to heat the (MORE)
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