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What if analysis in management information system?

Summary of What-if Analysis ¡ What-if analysis is a brainstorming approach that uses broad, loosely structured questioning to: 1. Postulate potential upsets that may result (MORE)

What do management information systems do?

  It's not really a matter of what Management Info Systems do. It's more a position of a person than it is a specific computer program. In general terms Management info Sy (MORE)

What are the benefits of management information systems?

 Improves personal efficiency  Expedites problem solving(speed up the progress of problems solving in an organization)  Facilitates interpersonal communication  Promotes (MORE)

What is the History of Management Information System?

The history of Management Information System goes back decades ago  when the mainframe and mini computer was introduced by IBM. This  has evolved through the years to the cu (MORE)

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