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What are the managerial roles?

Answer . managerial roles are duties perform by the head of organisation. he could be charge of all department and seeing to the wellfare of members of the organisation, th (MORE)

What are managerial motives?

There are two ways to approach this question:. 1. What are managerial motives? Or what should be managerial motives?. a. The first assumption -What are managerial motives? (MORE)

What is Managerial Meetings?

Managerial meetings are a gathering for managers within a business.They discuss topics related to the business. Some topics they mightdiscuss include expenses, ideas to improv (MORE)

Characteristics of managerial Managerial economics?

It is mostly Micro economics and sometimes Macro economics It is application of economics in business management It helps to seek cost effective solutions hence it is norm (MORE)

What are the managerial function?

The five functions of management include: . planning . organizing . commanding . coordinating . controlling Planning is the core area of all the functions of m (MORE)

What is managerial excellence?

Managerial excellence is when a manager displays command over his or her function in the workplace and demonstrates good leadership skills. For example, a manager who comes in (MORE)

What is managerial derailment?

Managerial (Management) derailment occurs when a manager plateaus, is demoted or is let go from a company due to a lack of positions available at the top. Since our companies (MORE)
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What is managerial entrenchment?

This is a situation where managers of a company make decisions thatfurther their own personal interests as managers rather than thoseof the shareholders due to so much power t (MORE)