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What is La Manche?

The body of water between England and France is called "The English Channel" by the British, and "La Manche" by the French. See related link below.
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What does manche moi mean?

"Manche moi" (french) means either "mange moi" (eat me) pronounced with German accent or "f... me" "manche" is in french a slang word for "penis".
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Why is famous la-manche strait?

La Manche is the French name for the English Channel, the 22-mile wide strait that separates England from continental Europe. Great Britain's status as an island has shaped th (MORE)

How did manche masamola die?

Manche died by her mother and father because they did not like christains or christiananity therefore they killed there daughter.

What actors and actresses appeared in No manches - 2004?

The cast of No manches - 2004 includes: Gisella Aboumrad as herself Vanessa Aguilar as herself Rafael Amaya as himself Liliana Arriaga as herself Jacqueline Arroyo as herself (MORE)