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When was Manchester United relegated?

Manchester United were relegated to Division 2 at the end of the1973/74 season. The result which finally sealed their fate was a1:0 defeat at Old Trafford by local rivals Manc (MORE)

Is Manchester united a Manchester club?

no manchester united is in the metropolitan borough of trafford , which is in the county of GREATER MANCHESTER ,along with other such metropolitan borough 's like bolton , wig (MORE)

What is Manchester United?

Manchester United Football Club is an English football club, based at Old Trafford in Trafford, Greater Manchester, and is one of the most popular football clubs in the world. (MORE)

What was Manchester uniteds name before it was called Manchester united?

the club had numerous previous names. some of these can still be found in historical newspapers of the time. here are some i found recently; howcrapcanyaget.f.c/ newton no m (MORE)

Why is ManU an insult to Manchester United?

ManU is not a term United fans refer to themselves as. The term  is only used by other supporters as a complete and utter insult to  our club. The "u" is meant to be "you" b (MORE)

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