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Who are all the playes in Manchester United?

1. David de Gea (Spain) 3. Patrice Evra (France) 4. Phil Jones (England) 5. Rio Ferdinand (England) 6. Jonathan evans (Belfast) 7. Michael Owen (England) 8. Olivei (MORE)

What year was Manchester United founded?

1878 Manchester United FC were formed in 1878 as Newton Heath LYR (Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway) Manchester United was originally known as Newton Heath football club. They (MORE)

Why is Manchester united called M16?

  The postal code for Old Trafford, Manchester United's home stadium, is M16 0RA.
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What are the Manchester United players called?

david de gea, anders lindegarrd, tomasz kusckacz, rio ferdinanad, nemanja vidic, jhonny evans, chris smalling, phil jones, patrice evra, rafael da silva, fabio da silva, micha (MORE)

How can you join Manchester united?

You have to get scouted by a Manchester United scout and they'll ask you to come to a trial, if they think you're good enough they'll let you into the academy. If they keep yo (MORE)