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How did the Japanese take over Manchuria?

Full invasion. They just took everything over by force, with the warlord in Manchuria afraid of starting a war, and predicting the Japanese only wanted more "benefits" not com (MORE)

Where is Manchuria?

Manchuria is the name of a region now mostly part of northeast China. It was fought over between China and Russia (1858), and between Japan and Russia (1900-1905, 1920-1925) a (MORE)

What was the conflict at Manchuria?

Japan was jealous of the rich fertile lands that Manchuria had, they also wanted more land so that the Japanese could expand their empire. They used the Mukden incident as an (MORE)

What resources does Manchuria have?

Manchuria was an important region for strategical reasons and essential to any long term military plans that the Japanese High Command had to pursue it's goals during war . Ma (MORE)

Which nation is manchuria part of?

Manchuria was a Chinese City in the early 1920's before Japan took it over in 1931 due to Japan's needs for oil which America refused to give after Japan joined the Axis Power (MORE)

What were Japan's excuses for invading Manchuria?

Japan invaded Manchuria in 1931 because after the end of World War One, Japan had acquired many new colonies, such as those in the Pacific. This resulted in a large population (MORE)