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What is a mandate?

A winning party's belief that the majority of the people willsupport their policies. . The legal authority to take action.

What are mandates?

A mandate is when the federal government forces that states to comply to something they want done. For example: When the federal government wanted to raise the drinking age t (MORE)

What is mandate?

A mandate is an order or command. In politics, it means theauthority the government has to do what it proposes to do. If thegovernment has campaigned on a certain platform and (MORE)

What is mandation?

Sarah Palin used the word "mandation" when discussing President Obama's State of the Union address. Palin said Obama was calling for a "mandation" on health care. The problem (MORE)

What were the mandates?

In the aftermath of WWI. The German and Ottoman empires were broken-up and administered by the winners as a halfway-house to independence.

What is the buyer mandate?

The imposition of product or service specifications or performance requirements imposed by a Buyer on a Seller as a precondition of the Buyer purchasing goods or services from (MORE)

What is police mandate?

An authorization to act or conduct operations in the public interest in accordance with prevailing laws, ordinances and regulations with the full power and authority of the go (MORE)
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What is the mandate of PAGCOR?

PAGCOR was created with a three-pronged mandate: to regulate all games of chance, particularly casino gaming in the country, to raise funds for the government's socio-civic an (MORE)

What is mandating?

Mandating is an authority issuing an order that must be obeyed bythose who fall under that authority.