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How does film music get put in a film?

It is on a sound track, a separate but joined strip of film that contains the sound component. Electronics pioneer Lee De Forest is often given credit for the synchonized soun (MORE)
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In the movie Mandingo why did the Master use a slave beneath his feet to his ease his aches and what is the history behind this practice?

  Hi,   I have Mandingo on DVD. I have watched it over a dozen times, and I must say it is truly an unforgetable story.   I will do the best I can to answer your que (MORE)
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How did mandingo die?

He was forced to fill up a large vat with water, build a fire under it and then immerse himself in it. He was boiled alive
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Where was the film reunion at fairborough filmed?

part of the film was filmed in the village of Shere in Surrey UK. The pub scenes I believe were the Prince of Wales in Shere (now the William Bray). Other scenes were shot in (MORE)

Where Was The Railway Man Film Filmed?

The Railway Man was Filmed in Bo'ness Originally Called Borrowstouness The maker was colin firth and most of the scenes where filmed on the kinneil Railway Station In The Town (MORE)

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