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Whats my mane?

a mane is long heavy hair on the back of the neck of a horse or lion
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When do lions get their manes?

lions get their manes when they are about 2 years old. lions get their manes when they are about 2 years old The development of a male Lion's mane starts with the onset ofpub (MORE)
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What does the mane do for the horse?

The mane is to keep the neck warm for the horse, and to help rain run off it's neck lf the horse can't find any shelter. It also gives the horse some fly protection, although (MORE)
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Why do lions have a mane?

Tha mane signifies to other lions that the lion is male and adult. The mane, or ruff, also adds proection around the neck from enemies that "go for the jugular." It gives an (MORE)
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Where is gucci mane from?

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Why does a lion have mane?

Only male lions have a mane, and it's to give off the impression that they are large. it's more of a territory thing then anything. the larger the mane the less likely other l (MORE)
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What are manes?

The mane is the long hair that grows from the crest of a horses neck and around lions' face/head. A mane is the patch of fur around an animals neck, like a lion's mane, or in (MORE)
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Why do they have manes?

"The mane is thought to keep the neck warm , and possibly to help water run off the neck if the animal cannot obtain shelter from the rain. It also provides some fly prote (MORE)
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What lion has a mane?

All male lions have the Mane. The mane is nothing but a growth of hair around the neck area of the lion. The hair is similar to the hair we have on our heads. The size and dar (MORE)
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Does a horse has a mane?

Yes a horse has a mane, located on the top of the neck generally extending from the poll (bump between the horses ears) to the withers (the large amount of muscle connecting t (MORE)