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What classifies manga as manga?

its manga if its read right to left made in japan and is in the same reading order. Manga (漫画, まんが) is just the Japanese terminology for comics. They also call their (MORE)

What is manga cartoons?

Manga is the Japanese equivalent of the American comic book . Manga , however , is read from right to left in contrast to the Western mode of reading from left to right . Mang (MORE)
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What is h-manga?

H-manga means hentai-manga. Hentai means perverted in Japanese, so... H-manga is a Japanese comic that contains pornographical stuff.
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What is the manga Carter?

Do you by chance mean the Magna Carta? If so, it is an English document signed by King John stating that his will was not arbitrary, and that the people could only be punished (MORE)

A manga that includes manga artists?

Bakuman is a manga based on two middle school boys who dream to become manga artists for very different reasons. They team up, and become Ashirogi Mutou. Throughout the 175 ch (MORE)

What is manga?

Manga is the art work from Japanese culture. It is used in the  English-speaking world as a generic term for all comic books and  graphic novels that were originally publish (MORE)
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How old are mangas?

The first "manga" used in modern context was during the late 18th century on picture books such as Shiji no Yukikai. The first modern manga were made during the Occupation yea (MORE)

Where to submit manga?

Well if you want to publish/sell your manga, you should do some research on it. It is much more complicated than you think. After you get your research done and finish the nam (MORE)

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