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How do you become a mangaka?

You have to be confident to draw, no matter how good you can draw. Then I would have lessons or self teach myself how to draw human figures and etc; everything you have to be (MORE)
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How can you become a mangaka?

Buy good materials for your manga, design your art room, conduct a good storyline and timeline for your manga, come up with some kick butt characters, make up their stories, t (MORE)
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What would a manga about a mangaka be called?

If the manga is about the artist of the manga itself, (Say, if Artist A were to make a comic called "The Life of Artist A".) it would be an autobiographical manga. The mang (MORE)

What materials do you need to become a mangaka?

Hm...while I'm not quite an expert, I do know that you need a lot of different types of pens to ink with(fine, bold, etc.) ; you also need a lot of screentone. Sometimes they (MORE)
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How do you pronounce mangaka?

In Japanese vowels are most comonly prononced like this; A - sounds like a in f a ther (but shorter), E - sounds like e in m e t, I - sounds like ee in m ee t (but shor (MORE)

What do mangakas do?

A mangaka just means and author of a manga, as a author would write and illustrate a book, a mangaka does the same to their manga.

Are mangaka rich?

A Mangaka doesn't get paid salary. They get paid for whatever they sold. The average Mangaka works roughly 8-10 hours a day. Generally they have to give in 20-40 pages of m (MORE)