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What is manganese?

Manganese is a metal element with many important industrial and biological uses and functions. In human nutrition, manganese is a trace mineral that your body uses in many e (MORE)

What is the ion of manganese?

If you are talking about the oxidation state of manganese, it can have an oxidation number between 1 and 7, inclusive. That means there are some compounds with the Mn +1 , Mn (MORE)

What are facts about manganese?

Manganese is used most commonly in steel production to help improve strengh, durability, and toughness. It can be used in medicine to help support the immune system, regulate (MORE)

Is manganese a nonmetal?

No, Manganese (Mn) is a metal with the atomic number 25. It is a member of the Transition metals having only 5 of its possible 10 d-orbital electrons.

How is manganese extracted?

It is mined, and extracted from:. pyrolusite (MnO 2 ), . braunite (Mn 2+ Mn 3+ 6SiO 12 ), . psilomelane (Ba(Mn 2+ )(Mn 4+ ) 8 O 16 (OH) 4 ), and . to a lesser extent as rh (MORE)

Is manganese dangerous?

Manganese is a little bit dangerous in drinking water but won't affect your health. . Manganese is a very common compound that can be found everywhereon earth. Manganese is (MORE)

Is manganese metal?

\nManganese is a metal.\nIt's element number is twenty five. If you look at a periodic table, you'll notice it's a metal by looking at the key.

Is manganese a halogen?

yes,manganeese is halogen because halogens have 7 valence electrons and mn has atomic no. 25 i.e. it has 7 valence electrons in its shell. -Abhey Gupta -Xth E -Police DAV (MORE)