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What is a mango?

A mango is the sexiest most deliciously flavoured exotic fruit in the entire world (besides the passion fruit of course). It gives you a mouth watering, wood giving, ecstatic (MORE)
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What is mango?

mango is a fruit that grows on trees and you eat at summer. they are good in dishes. it can be savary or sweet food.
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Where do mangoes grow?

Mangos basically require a frost-free climate small fruit can be killed if temperatures drop below 40° F, even for a short period
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What is the classification of mango?

Mangifera indica is the scientific classification of the mango in terms of genus and specific epithet. Specifically, the mango is considered one of the flowering plants. A (MORE)
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What are mangoes?

The mango is a juicy tropical fruit otiginating on the Indian subcontinent. It's now found in tropical regions of most continents. For more information, including pictures, (MORE)
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Why mango is not good for you?

This is what I read online"The very pain of an aching body and a queasy, rebellious stomach," after eating a mango one time it India.I'm guessing that usually doesn't happen, (MORE)
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Why do mangos taste like mangos?

umm mangos tate like mangos because there mangos, i think well person mangos taste like mangos becuse they explode in your stomach with gas
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Why is a mango called a mango?

A mango is called a mango because it was the name of the African explorer, Michael Mango. In 1827, at age 22, Michael was strolling along through the Malawi streets when a gia (MORE)
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Do you say mangos or mangoes?

its mangos. something that ends with a y has the plural ie,and something that ends with e either ends with an s or ing.