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Where is Avila Beach California 93424?

It is in San Luis Obispo County, 10.3 miles southwest of San Luis Obispo, 7.2 miles northwest of Pismo Beach, or 160 miles northwest of Los Angeles. The exact location is 35 d (MORE)

Can you swim in Long Beach California?

Of course you can swim in Long Beach. The better question is "Should you swim?"... If you are talking about the ocean, I would simply go elsewhere as it is a geographic catch (MORE)
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How describe the good beach in California?

I've lived in Ca for 8 years and my house is right next to the Golden Gate bridge. The beaches are awesome!. However, unless you go to one of the turoist sites, there won't be (MORE)

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What are the best beaches in California for surfing?

There are plenty of great beaches for surfing in California, but it really comes down to the weather of the day. If it is sunny and windy in one area, it may be better than an (MORE)