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Results of the Manhattan project?

The result of the Manhattan project in WW 2 was to create 3 fission atomic bombs. The first was tested in the New Mexico desert in July 1945. The next two were dropped on Japa (MORE)

How did the Manhattan Project happen?

A couple of prominent physicists wrote up a warning letter, had  it signed by Albert Einstein, and had it delivered to US president  Franklin D. Roosevelt, urgently warning (MORE)

What was the Manhattan Project?

The Manhattan Project was the top secret military endeavor to  build, and detonate the first atomic bomb. It was based at Los  Alamos, New Mexico and headed by Dr. J. Robert (MORE)

What was the purpose of the Manhattan Project?

To create the atomic bomb before Nazi Germany could (if possible).  Otherwize to have an atomic bomb to use on Nazi Germany in  retaliation for their using them on England o (MORE)

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