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What aspects of human nature are manifested by the gods and goddesses in the story?

The aspects of human nature are manifested by the gods and goddesses are: their emotional feelings are the same as human. The way they loved, as they loved their fellow god an (MORE)

What is manifestation?

  Manifestation- is the act of seeing or visualising something It must be manifestation (Not manifestion). Manifestation means the following things: A hidden meaning or (MORE)
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What is systemic manifestation?

When a person has a systemic disorder it involves many organs or tissues in the body that have been compromised. A systemic disease is one that affects a number of organs an (MORE)
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How has God manifested Himself to people?

A:   People sometimes say they can "feel" his presence, although of  course this can never be proven.     Another View:    We are told in the New Testame (MORE)

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How does God manifest His loving forgiveness?

Jesus completed the great act of atonement after being resurrected to heaven. Reunited with his beloved Father, he presented to Him the value of his sacrifice. Great blessings (MORE)