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What is its uses of election manifesto?

Election Manifesto are set of promises made by political parties to  the people on account of an election. It works like this: "a  political party through its manifesto says (MORE)

What is election manifesto?

  Election manifesto is a vision and misssion of contestent political parties that stand for upcoming election. This is an agenda for future plan made by the political par (MORE)

What is a Manifesto?

  Answer   A manifesto is a paper written to explain what you're all about - and why you believe that way. Or perhaps what your plan or intentions are. If you develop (MORE)

What was the Ostend Manifesto?

The Ostend Manifesto was part of an attempt to add Cuba to the US.  Southerners wanted an aggressive policy with Spanish-ruled Cuba, by  having the island become a possible (MORE)

What was the Southern Manifesto?

The Southern Manifesto was a document written in 1956 by legislators in the United States Congress opposed to racial integration in public places. It was signed by 96 Democrat (MORE)

The communist manifesto?

The Communist Manifesto' was written in 1848 by Karl Marx and  Friedrich Engels. It claims that class struggle is the driving  force in human history.