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What is a manifold leak?

Answer . \nA manifold leak is usually in reference to a failure of the intake manifold gasket. It can leak air, oil or coolant. It can leak to the outside of the engine o (MORE)

Where is the intake manifold?

The intake manifold on the V6 / V8 engines is usually bolted to the top of the engine in the center of the " V ". The new Bmw V8 and ford's 6.7 diesel have reverse flow cylind (MORE)

What is a manifold?

Answer . exhaust or inlet manifold? inlet distributes fuel to all cylanders ehaust collects gases from all cylanders and directs to one out let
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What does an intake manifold do?

Answer . It basically takes the air from the outside and sends it to the individual cylinders on the vehicle. It has a sensor in it that senses air flow and, with this info (MORE)

What is manifolds?

A manifold , in systems for moving fluids or gases is a junction of pipes or channels, typically bringing one into many or many into one.
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Where is the location for manifolds?

The manifold is located in different places depending on the make and model of the vehicle. It is also important to note the difference between the intake and exhaust manifold (MORE)