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What does a manifold gasket do?

A manifold gasket is usually made out of plastic and rubber and is  placed to the top of the engine. This directs the air-fuel mixtures  in the machine to the corresponding (MORE)

What is an intake manifold?

  Answer   It is the area of the engine where the fuel and air go into the engine. It usually has the fuel injectors connected to it. It is bolted to the engine.   (MORE)

How does a 3 way manifold valve work?

If you mean by three-valve manifold, then If you apply excessive pressure to your differential pressure transmitter, you could damage your instrument. This is known as over-r (MORE)

What does an intake manifold do?

Answer   It basically takes the air from the outside and sends it to the individual cylinders on the vehicle. It has a sensor in it that senses air flow and, with this in (MORE)

What is an exhaust manifold?

Answer   It's a big chunk of cast metal that bolts to the exhaust ports of an engine and joins up with the exhaust pipe. In a 4-cylinder engine, usually all 4 ports conne (MORE)

What is a manifold gasket?

An intake manifold gasket is a malleable material that is set between the air intake manifold, the cylinder heads and the block in a gasoline powered internal combustion engin (MORE)

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