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Where is Manila located?

Answer   Manila is located in the Philippines, which is in Southeast Asia near the Pacific Ocean. Manila is the capital of the Philippines. This city is the most progress (MORE)

Is Manila a continent?

  Manila is the capital city of the Philippines. The Philippines is a group of islands in the western Pacific Ocean, they are not associated with a continent.
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Who are the congressmen in Manila?

  The following are the members of the House of Representatives (14th Congress) from Manila:   * Rep. Benjamin Asilo - 1st District  * Rep. Jaime C. Lopez - 2nd Dist (MORE)

What is the nickname of the manila?

Manila was once given the title " The Paris of the East", it is also given honourable name by King of Spain as "Distinguished and Every Loyal City" (Ciudad Insigne y Siempre L (MORE)