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What is manpower audit?

Answer A manpower audit shows the actual number of employees on the  establishment which will form the basis of operations, identifies  the square pegs in round holes, analy (MORE)

What is manpower requirement?

It just means that a company (or organization) needs to get help.  Maybe hire someone, maybe get a volunteer to help, whatever. They  need a person.
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Is manpower singular or plural?

Manpower is used as a singular. For example, "Manpower is needed in order to complete this task." You couldn't say, "Manpower ARE needed." That would be incorrect. Manpower is (MORE)

What is significance of manpower planning?

Significance of Human Resource Planning or Manpower planning Provides quality workforce Effective Human Resource Planning fulfills the organization needs for a quality workfor (MORE)

What is manpower controls?

Manpower controls are the decisions made by the government and government bodies concerning where and how people work. During World War Two the Labor government introduced Man (MORE)

How do you control manpower in industries?

Controlling manpower in industries is best done by first hiring  people who are trained or people the training is made available to.  Another factor in controlling manpower (MORE)

How do you decrease manpower?

Manpower can reduced in two ways. Through scheduling the amount of  labor utilized over a duration can be decreased. Manpower can also  be eliminated outright through the te (MORE)