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How big is the mansion house?

a mansion is 5,500 sq feet or bigger to be considered a mansion Another answer: How big does a house have to be to be a Mansion ? Answers vary. Some people say the limit i (MORE)

Deepest London tube station?

This depends on your definition of 'deepest'.   The deepest station counted from the street above is Hampstead  Station, on the Northern Line. It is 192 feet under the st (MORE)

What does my father's house has many mansions mean?

heaven Answer: Jesus referred to "His Father's House" as the Temple... which is a pattern of the Father's throne in heaven; the innermost sanctum of which was where the Ark (MORE)
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How do you get from Gatwick airport to Northolt tube station?

Take the Gatwick Express (overground) to London Victoria Rail Station. Transfer to Victoria underground station (same building) and take the Victoria Line north to Oxford Circ (MORE)