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What is a mantle and what does it do?

The mantle is the the layer of superheated, semi-solid rock betweenthe crust and the core. It makes up the majority of Earth's volume.It is able to flow over long periods of t (MORE)

What is the lower mantle?

The lower mantle is the portion of the Earth's mantle layer that extends from a depth of 670 km to 2798 km from the surface. Minerals present in the rock of the upper mantle b (MORE)

Is the mantle solid?

Yes, the mantle is techincally a solid. If you want to gettechincal, however, it is a viscoelastic material, meaning thatover short invertvals it behaves as an elastic solid, (MORE)

Does Neptune have a mantle?

YES! Neptune does have a mantle. Neptune's mantle is believed to be enriched with icy water, ammonia and methane. These elements create a high pressure.
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What is mantle?

The mantle is the layer of Earth between the core and crust. It is made up of ductile rock which exhibits plasticity, bends without fracture, and is extremely highly viscous.T (MORE)