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How do you spell manuel?

The proper noun, a male given name, is Manuel, from Emmanuel. The common adjective and noun is manual (by hand, or a user's guide or book)
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Who did Diego Velazquez marry?

Diego married Juana Pacheco, on April 23, 1618, Velázquez married Juana Pacheco (June 1, 1602-August 10, 1660), the daughter of his teacher. She bore him two daughters---his (MORE)

Who is jay manuel?

He is the director of the photo shoots of the Vh1 tv show Americas Next Top Model as well as Tyra Bank's personal makeup artist.
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Who was Loretta Velazquez and why was she important?

 Answer   Cuban-born Loretta Velazquez, disguised as a man, enlisted in the Confederate army as Lieutenant Harry T. Buford in 1860, along with a company of volunteers f (MORE)