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Does your auto insurance go up if you get a ticket for making a right hand turn on a red light Sign was posted no right hand turn on red light.?

Yes because that counts as a moving violation which in California counts as one point. If it's your ONLY ticket and you have no other accidents or tickets, it shouldn't go up (MORE)
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Many hands make light work meaning?

The meaning of many hands make light work is that when several  people work together to complete a job, the job is easier.

When making a left hand turn at a traffic light you have merged out into the intersection but there is no clear time to make a safe left the light goes to red. Is it legal to make the turn?

The answer is yes. As long as you have ENTERED the intersection  BEFORE the red light, and you CANNOT safely turn left due to  traffic, then a left turn on red is completely (MORE)

Hand brake light always on?

  Answer   This light serves a dual purpose on most cars. - Indicates that the handbrake has been applied - Indicates that there is a problem with the braking sy (MORE)

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What is the meaning of the saying many hands make light work?

  The more persons the easier the job is   for example One person can build a house but it will take some time. Ten people can build a house much quicker and easier.  (MORE)

How many bones make up the phalanges in one hand?

  There are 14 phalanges in each hand as well as each foot. Each "finger has 3 bones that make up that phalange and the thumb has 2 bones. The same would apply with the fo (MORE)

What makes the brake lights on a 99 Dodge Intrepid not work?

  Answer     Check the fuse, bulbs/assy., and wiring   Answer     another thing to check is where the bulbs connect. sometimes like my 94 one of the (MORE)

How to make a light flashing generator work with a cell battery?

If a generator turns off or will not start up due to loss of  magnetism, it is possible to use a 12 volt battery to make it work.  You have to remove the exciter fields, mea (MORE)