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How does light behave to make rotary encoder work?

A rotary encoder consists of three main parts: light source, optical encoder disc and light sensors. The light source provides the light source to several light sensors. There (MORE)
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Many hands make light work meaning?

The meaning of many hands make light work is that when several  people work together to complete a job, the job is easier.
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What does the saying idle hands make the devils work mean?

It means that when you have nothing to do (your hands are idle), you are more apt to get into trouble. (do devil's work.) (As opposed to staying busy, whereby you have no time (MORE)

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What is the meaning of the saying many hands make light work?

  The more persons the easier the job is   for example One person can build a house but it will take some time. Ten people can build a house much quicker and easier.  (MORE)

What makes the brake lights on a 99 Dodge Intrepid not work?

  Answer     Check the fuse, bulbs/assy., and wiring   Answer     another thing to check is where the bulbs connect. sometimes like my 94 one of the (MORE)