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Good things Mao Zedong did?

Here are some positive interpretations of Mao's acts:   Mao is the "sun in the sky." He is considered the greatest leader  in Chinese history. Mao freed China from its me (MORE)

What did Mao Zedong like to eat?

According to Mao's personal chef, Mao preferred simple Hunanese dishes, such as rice porridge with milk, bean curd with vegetables, and red-braised Hunan pork. He occasionally (MORE)

Is Mao Zedong evil?

Yes he killed millions of people by forcing insane untested agricultural methods upon the Chinese people along with killing off large numbers of intellectuals, political oppon (MORE)

What languages did Mao Zedong speak?

Mao could only speak his local dialect from Hunan. Ironically could not speak Putonghua(mandarin) even though he espoused it's proliferation across the country.   As a you (MORE)

Was Mao Zedong a hero or villain?

Mao Zedong's, rule was one of confusion and fear and when he died his legacy was not only one of complete political and economical destruction but of cultural devastation as w (MORE)

Consequences of Mao Zedong?

Chairman Mao succeeded in making China into a nuclear power. His deranged policies also caused the death by starvation of many millions of Chinese, and generally disrupted Chi (MORE)

Why was Mao Zedong shunned?

He was shunned because the Great Leap Forward failed miserably and the Cultural Revolution achieved nothing other than the destruction of China's economy, government, social a (MORE)