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Where do marathoners pee?

Elite runners typically don't; however, if they must, down their legs.   For others, there are typically porta-potties every several miles along the course.   Males (and (MORE)

Why are marathons called marathons?

The mara represents one event, in which this case is running. The thon represents a long distance in which one must cover to complete, it requires tons of endurance, persist (MORE)

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How long is a marathon?

The marathon is a road race distance of exactly 42.195 km, as defined by the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF), the Association of International Maratho (MORE)
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What is a movie marathon?

When a movie or multiple movies in a series a played right in a row, a marathon.
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What do marathon runners eat the day of marathon?

They can eat many different things, something that has been traditional in a marathoner's diet is pasta the night before. I myself enjoy eating pasta the night before, and lig (MORE)

Who invented the marathon?

During the Battle of Marathon in Athens Greece, an Athenian messenger boy called Pheidippides ran 26 miles to announce to the rest of Athens the victory they achieved. The Ath (MORE)

How did the Marathon get its name?

The marathon is named after a town in Greece which was the site of  the battle of Marathon in 490 BC. The battle was won by the  Athenian army which defeated the Persians. A (MORE)