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Why are marbles called marbles?

  Marbles originated in ancient Rome and Egypt and were made from marble (rock). However this was expensive so people tried to find alternatives and in 1846 a German glass (MORE)

Who was the Alice that Alice in chains was named for?

No There name used to be Alice N Chains because they used to dress in drags and pass out condoms then they got signed to Columbia records then they changed it to Alice in Chai (MORE)

When was Alice born in Alice in Wonderland?

Alice's birthday is May 4. The year is unknown but is probably either 1858 or 1852. Lewis Carroll doesn't specify Alice's birthdate in the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderlan (MORE)

What does Alice eat in Alice in Wonderland?

In the book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Alice eats a small cake marked 'eat me', a pebble which has turned into a cake and some pieces of mushroom, all of which cause h (MORE)
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Where do you get marble?

Marble is the metamorphic daughter of limestone. Mable forms in two usual places : extreme burial or near volcanic activity. The Franklin Marble is a formation running the b (MORE)

Are toy marbles made of marble?

Since 1915 and the ability to mass produce them with machines, modern marbles have typically been made from glass. Before that in the past they have been made by hand from g (MORE)

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