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What is reporting speech?

Reported speech or indirect speech is when we report what someone else has said. "Lunch is ready." = actual word said - direct speech. "Your mother said that lunch was rea (MORE)

Speech about success?

Success is everybody's dream. We must measure success based on how much we give rather than how much we receive.Success is the completion of anything intended. In other words (MORE)

How do you present a speech?

speak clearly,stand straight don't slouch, speak loudly, have eye contact, don't face need to look at your shoes, and that's bout it. all the rest is up to the q (MORE)

What part of speech is at?

At is a preposition.    One quick test of a preposition is whether you can put it in front  of a noun, like this:    at the deli   in the end   before a (MORE)

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What is pure speech?

    Pure Speech     Pure speech is simply written or spoken words. It is differentiated from symbolic speech which is "speaking" through behavior. Pure spee (MORE)

What is an entertainment speech?

  Alan H. Monroe (Principles and Types of Speech) proposed three kinds of speeches -- three general goals: to entertain, to inform, to persuade.   The speech to enterta (MORE)

Speech for graduation?

When you are thinking of a speech for your graduation, you can make  it happy or emotional. Either way, you can talk about the fun times  you had with your peers, and what t (MORE)

What is Lincoln's speech?

Abraham Lincoln   First Inaugural Address   Monday, March 4, 1861 The national upheaval of secession was a grim reality at Abraham Lincoln's inauguration. Jefferson Dav (MORE)

How can you prepare for a speech?

Keep practising, say over and over againWrite it out on handy flashcardsPractise in front of a mirror to check how well you will deliverRecord yourself saying the speech (on a (MORE)