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How to write a speech?

To write a speech ,your must follow the step as shown below: 1. Introduce your topic by starting of with a question,quote or a statement 2. built it up by giving it a body an (MORE)

What is speech fest?

Speech fest is a public speaking competition for elementary  students. Students will be marked on the writing, presentation of  their speeches. Students write speeches about (MORE)

What is disorganized speech?

It can be incoherent. The sufferer may simply repeat everything you say to them. They may only speak a couple of words, and repeat them over and over again. They may speak alo (MORE)

What is rhythm and speech?

Rhythm consists of patterns of stressed and unstressed sound, and of longer and shorter sounds and silences. Rhythm is one of the fundamental qualities of music. It also appea (MORE)

What is represented speech?

Represented speech is speech which is not spontaneous and is scripted. For example,Eastenders. Represented speech has no non-fleuncy features and the actors will not speak ove (MORE)

What is retirement speech?

When someone retires it is a very special occasion - the culmination of a career. It is often very difficult to know what exactly to say - particularly since retirement speech (MORE)

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