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What are the benefits of almonds?

Almonds are a substantial source of both vitamin E and monounsaturated fat (one of the two "good" fats that reduce LDL cholesterol). Studies have shown that almonds can improv (MORE)

How do you toast almonds?

There are two ways. You can toast them in a dry skillet on the stove or on a cooking sheet in the oven. For the stove top use medium heat and in the oven use 350 F. In both ca (MORE)

What is Almond Ding?

Almond ding is a thick sauce that is Chinese in origin. It is generally served with meats, but sometimes with fruit such as cherries as well. The basic ingredients of ding are (MORE)

Are almonds fattening?

I think Almonds are good for health, but eat properly. The  fat is mostly monounsaturated fat, a heart-healthy  fat that increases HDL, or good, cholesterol. Almonds  also (MORE)

Where are almonds grown?

CaliforniaAlmonds are primarily grown in the state of California but our main competitor is Spain and Italy. They also produce a significant amount of almonds.
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Does almond flavoring contain almonds?

There are different types of almond flavorings:   'Pure' almond extract is made from the oil of bitter almond and  alcohol.   'Natural' almond extract also contains c (MORE)

Are almonds fatty?

All nuts contain fat - almonds included. They aren't as high in fat some foods, but they have enough fat that you should eat them in moderation. A small handful each day is en (MORE)

Is almond a monocot?

No. Almonds are a dicot. The 'cot' in monocot and dicot refers to  cotyledon, which refers to the embryonic leaves (seed leaves) of a  plant. Dicot means 2 leaves, monocot m (MORE)