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What happened in Japan on March 11 2011?

A magnitude 9.0 earthquake rocked Japan March 11, 2011 at 2:46 p.m.  local time followed by many aftershocks. This was one of the  largest earthquakes of the century. The ma (MORE)

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How strong were the aftershocks that hit after the earthquake in Japan on March 11 2011?

In was reported that the earthquake off Japan was followed by a series of intense aftershocks. The largest earthquake at the time had a magnitude of 9.0 (earlier reported as 8 (MORE)

How do you march in marching band?

When you are standing at attention, your heels should be together, toes apart, with your chin up, and shoulders back. You always start marching on your left foot. Usually the (MORE)
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What caused the Tsunami in Japan on March 11 2011?

A 9.0-magnitude earthquake at sea rocked Japan, causing a massive tsunami with waves up to 30 feet high. The quake happened when one of the earth's plates slid under another, (MORE)

What is the model number of a take down Savage pump rifle chambered in 22 short long and long rifle with the patent dates Dec 26 1906 June 01 1915 March 25 1916 and April 11 1918.?

  Answer     If barrel is round, it is a post-WWII Model 29. If the barrel is octagonal, and the grip is checkered, it is probably a pre-WWII Model 29. If the bar (MORE)

Can you do it at 11?

its really not a good idea to do it a 11, there is no way to know if your internal parts are fully developed yet and if they arent you could hurt yourself, also later on when (MORE)
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How many more hours days minutes seconds months until March 11?

Wiki Answers only stores the time a question was asked without seconds. The question was asked at 23:10 on 1 Jan 2013: When the question was asked, there were 68 days, 0 h (MORE)