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What were death marches?

  Answer   Where prisoners were forced to march toward a concentration camp or other prison type facility where they were to be executed. Anyone who fell behind or w (MORE)

March to sea?

Dates:  November 12-December 22, 1864  Other Names:  None  Location:  From Atlanta to Savannah, Georgia  Key Individuals Involved in Sherman's March to the Sea:  Union: (MORE)

How do you march in marching band?

When you are standing at attention, your heels should be together, toes apart, with your chin up, and shoulders back. You always start marching on your left foot. Usually the (MORE)

Which years had Saturday March 13?

Taking from the start of the 20th century, the 13th of March was on a Saturday in 1909, 1915, 1920, 1926, 1937, 1943, 1948, 1954, 1965, 1971, 1976, 1982, 1993, 1999, 2004 and (MORE)