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Who is Margaret Hello?

Margaret hello is the Girl friend of Alexander graham Bell( theinventor of telephone). it is because of her that the custom of ussaying hello while answering a call came into (MORE)

What does Margaret mean?

The name Margaret means, pearl. It is of Greek origin. The name Margaret might be of Persian origin. In the Persian origin, it means a pearl or daughter of light.   
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Who was Margaret Thatcher?

MARGARET-THATCHER-was the first British -female-Prime-Minister-during the early eighties-until her retirement in the early nineties,when she was replaced by JOHN MAJOR. She wa (MORE)

Who was Margaret Sanger?

She was an activist who advocated that all women had the right to be educated about their bodies. But she was much more than that. She was a radical in her day as she would be (MORE)
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What does Margaret atwood do?

well she is a writer, an essayist, a novelist and a poet. she has  written over 35 books including poems and short stories.

Who is Margaret Mitchell?

Margaret Mitchell is the author of the very popular book titled, "Gone With the Wind". Margaret Mitchell wrote "Gone With the Wind"
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Who was Margaret Tudor?

Answer   Margaret Tudor, born 28th November 1489, was a daughter of King Henry VII of England and his wife, Elizabeth of York. She was a sister of Henry VII's successor, Ki (MORE)

What did Margaret brent do?

Margaret Brent was the first woman to appear before the court of  the Common Law in the American colonies. She assisted in providing  for soldiers and she advocated for the (MORE)

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