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What did Margaret Mead's childhood like?

Margaret mead had a great life growing up. she had lots of friends, her family treated her well and she love her childhood.she went to college and when she went to barnard col (MORE)

What is Margaret Thatcher's middle name?

According to the entry in the Who2 biography, Margaret Thatcher's middle name is "Hilda." For more information, see the Related Link.
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How and when did Margaret hamilton die?

From a hartattack in a nursing home and she was asleep at the time she died
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Who was Margaret Sanger?

She was an activist who advocated that all women had the right to be educated about their bodies. But she was much more than that. She was a radical in her day as she would be (MORE)

When did Princess Margaret get engaged?

Quite soon before her wedding to Anthony Armstrong-Jones in May 1960.   Some said she was provoked into it by the news of the unexpected re-marriage of Peter Townsend, the (MORE)

Who is Margaret Mitchell?

Margaret Mitchell is the author of the very popular book titled, "Gone With the Wind". Margaret Mitchell wrote "Gone With the Wind"
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Who was Margaret Tudor?

Answer   Margaret Tudor, born 28th November 1489, was a daughter of King Henry VII of England and his wife, Elizabeth of York. She was a sister of Henry VII's successor, Ki (MORE)

Are there eucalyptus trees in Margaret river?

Yes. Both the Karri tree (Eucalyptus diversicolor) and the Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata) are particularly prevalent, dominating the vegetation of the area.
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