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What city does the actor Robert fuller live in?

robert fuller lives on a 10 acre spred just outside of era texas,  which ie about 10 miles west of gainsville texas, just off of  highway texas 51.
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What is A fuller of cloth?

  A fuller was the person who cleaned and thickened freshly woven cloth, especially wool, back in the olden days, in order to remove impurities (grease, dirt, etc.) and ma (MORE)
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Is the Fuller surname Irish?

My uncle has traced back our family tree in Country Kerry, Ireland to the 1770's. A number of unrelated Fuller families still reside there.What additional information is avail (MORE)

Who was Margaret Sanger?

She was an activist who advocated that all women had the right to be educated about their bodies. But she was much more than that. She was a radical in her day as she would be (MORE)

What is a medieval fuller?

There are two meanings of the word "fuller" applicable to medieval  times:    A fuller cleaned wool to prepare it to being made into cloth.  The fuller first pounded t (MORE)

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What is fullering in metal forming process?

Fullering is the type of forming used to produce parts of verying or cross sections  Ex. Connecting rod of an automobile engine
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Who is Margaret Mitchell?

Margaret Mitchell is the author of the very popular book titled, "Gone With the Wind". Margaret Mitchell wrote "Gone With the Wind"
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Who was Margaret Tudor?

Answer   Margaret Tudor, born 28th November 1489, was a daughter of King Henry VII of England and his wife, Elizabeth of York. She was a sister of Henry VII's successor, Ki (MORE)

Where to buy Fuller O'Brien Paint?

Fuller O'Brien  Sold its operations and brand to ICI Dulux back in the late 1990's.   ICI sold its paint division to a Dutch Chemical paint company  (can't remember it's (MORE)