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What is margarine?

Its a substitute for butter usually made from oils that is used in certain foods and made from salt. See a related link for more details.

How do you make margarine?

Basic margarine can be made out of a mix of animal fats or vegetable oils (of most kinds) and milk. Salt adds great flavor, and only a dash of it is needed to make a significa (MORE)

Why was margarine invented?

In the belief that butter was unhealthy because of the saturated fat, margarine was invented to create a butter-like substance without that kind of fat. Recently, however, it (MORE)

Is margarine plastic?

Do you mean "is margarine plastic" or do you mean "is margarine a plastic"? If you mean "is margarine plastic?" then theanswer is "yes", because one of the meanings of the te (MORE)

What is white margarine?

At first margarine came in a plastic pouch with a "pill" of coloring. You would pop the button through the bag and proceed to mix the color into the margarine so it could be y (MORE)

Is margarine a prediction?

Hard to answer as it's hard to see what you are trying to ask. Obviously it's not a prediction, which is a forecast, but I can't think what word you really intended. Margarine (MORE)

Can you clarify margarine?

No - clarification (of butter) involves removing the milk solids from the butter; milk solids become obvious when the butter melts. Margarine is a oil and water emulsification (MORE)

Where is margarine from?

Butter is made from milk fat, and margarine is made from vegetableoil and water. It still may contain some milk for consistency.