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Is margarine butter?

No, it is a butter substitute made from different oils like vegetable oil. It is usually lower in calories, although it still has a lot. You can usually use margarine wherever (MORE)

Is margarine plastic?

Do you mean "is margarine plastic" or do you mean "is margarine  a plastic"? If you mean "is margarine plastic?" then the  answer is "yes", because one of the meanings of th (MORE)

Can you clarify margarine?

No - clarification (of butter) involves removing the milk solids from the butter; milk solids become obvious when the butter melts. Margarine is a oil and water emulsification (MORE)

What is white margarine?

  At first margarine came in a plastic pouch with a "pill" of coloring. You would pop the button through the bag and proceed to mix the color into the margarine so it coul (MORE)

What is margarine made of?

Answer   Depending on the brand, Margarine is made from different types of oils and greases, with a little bit of coloring and flavoring.   Oils are often "Hydrogenate (MORE)

Is margarine vegan?

Very few commercial margarines are vegan. Most of them have  whey or milk solids, etc.    Land O' Lakes *Unsalted* Margarine is vegan. You can find it in  most grocer (MORE)

Is there plastic in margarine?

No, there is no plastic in margarine, since plastic is not suitable for human consumption. Margarine is made in a way that combines oils and liquids together, resulting in mar (MORE)

Is margarine vegetarian?

Most margarines are made from oils from canola, soybean, sunflower and safflower. Vegans can't eat most margarines as they have some sort of dairy product, such as whey or s (MORE)