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Who is Henry aruffo?

Henry Anthony Aruffo III is a university instructor of Astronomy and Geography. He taught at the University of South Florida and Hillsborough Community College from 1993 to 20 (MORE)

How do you pronounce Marguerite?

I have heard it pronounced two different ways, but I prefer the French pronunciation, as the name is actually a French name. 1. "mar-gyuh-reet" (French pronunciation) 2. " (MORE)

Why did marguerite Johnson called as Maya Angelou?

She got it from her brother Bailey Jr. who, at a young age, would call her "Mya sister", which got shortened into "Maya". Angelou comes from her days as a Calypso dancer, whe (MORE)

How did St. Marie-Marguerite d' Youville become a saint?

St. Marie-Marguerite d' Youville spent her entire life caring for  the poor and the sick. After the Charon Brothers Hospital she was  director of was destroyed by fire, she (MORE)

Who is Henry Stanley?

Henry Morton Stanley is an explorer who became famous by searching  for the missionary David Livingstone in Africa during the late 19th  century. He found Livingstone in 187 (MORE)

Who or was Henry Ford?

Ford was an inventor. Henry Ford made his first car in 1896 and sold it for $200. He then invested that money, along with $15,000 from a prospective partner and created Ford's (MORE)