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How do you pronounce Marguerite?

I have heard it pronounced two different ways, but I prefer the French pronunciation, as the name is actually a French name. 1. "mar-gyuh-reet" (French pronunciation) 2. " (MORE)

Why did marguerite Johnson called as Maya Angelou?

She got it from her brother Bailey Jr. who, at a young age, would call her "Mya sister", which got shortened into "Maya". Angelou comes from her days as a Calypso dancer, whe (MORE)

What does Marguerite mean?

botanical French name for the flower daisy. As a variation of the name, "Margaret," "Marguerite" also means, "a pearl."
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What happen to marguerite?

Marguerite peed in the church when she was trying to use the bathroom she put two fingers up to excuse herself that was when the boy put out his foot and tripped her