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What is Greek goddess Minerva goddess of?

Minerva was a Roman Goddess. She ruled over:   * wisdom  * medicine  * the arts  * science  * trade  * war   She also was the patroness of physicians and the in (MORE)

What is the Greek Goddess Hestia goddess of?

Hestia is the Goddess of the Hearth. She had a place in every Greek  home and in many communities there was a central hearth dedicated  to her that anyone could come to for (MORE)

Who was the goddess of archery?

In Greek mythology the goddess of archery and the hunt was Artemis. Her twin brother Apollo was also a god of archery. The Greek Archer Goddess was Artemis, and Diana is her R (MORE)

What is the Greek goddess Echo the goddess of?

Echo was a Greek goddess who was cursed for talking to much. She could only echo people so she could not talk normally. One day she was looking at a person who she loved and h (MORE)

How is the cult of the mother goddess similar to the Virgin Mary?

The Romans had difficulty in converting the pagans to Christianity as they found it so hard to belive in just one male god and give up their belief in a goddess. So the Romans (MORE)

What is a goddess?

The noun 'goddess' is a common noun as a general term for any  female deity or any female person to which excessive attention is  given (He treats her like a goddess.)   (MORE)

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