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Is Carlos Martinez related to Pedro Martinez?

No. The two are not related. Carlos has been compared to Pedro  Martinez, as the two are both from the Dominican Republic, and have  similar qualities as far as stature and (MORE)

What is maria?

Lunar Maria-    'Maria' is a Latin word meaning "seas". The singular form is  mare. They are large, dark, balsaltic plains found on the  surface of the moon. Astronom (MORE)

Read the story Indigenous Profile by Maria Cadillas de Martinez and use some examples from the reading to defend or contradict this statement?

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Who is milagrosa r martinez?

- Pioneering efforts in the development of micro algaculture; - Research in the field of phycology, including ecological studies of NOSTOC COMMUNE and CHLORELLA

What happened to Pedro martinez?

The last major league baseball team he played for was the Philadelphia Phillies in 2008. He play one season and retired and moved back to the Dominican Republic.
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Why is bob martinez important?

He was the 1st Spanish governor of Florida He restored the 1915 city hall building Built a performing arts center Initiated largest land acquisition program