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What is marijuana and what does it do to you?

marijuana is a type of plant that grows, and if you just happen to light it on fire there are some side effects (haha). like happy, tired, calm, anxious, anxiety,paranoid, dga (MORE)

Can you get marijuana out?

Yes you can, it eventually after you stopped smoking weed it comes out of your system. All though it depends on how much you smoked.

How do you get marijuana out?

The only true way to get marijuana out of your system is time. Marijuana will take about 30 days to exit the system. Any time before that and you'll probably turn up positive (MORE)

How to get marijuana?

If you live in California it's simple. There are hundreds of doctors that will happily give you a medical marijuana license, with only a few questions, and a small fee. One th (MORE)

Where was marijuana from?

its a grows from the dirt and it is not a drug ITS A PLANT. remember kids its not a war on drugs but a war on our personal freedoms. Excuse me, I think (MORE)

What do Marijuana do to you?

Marijuana's chemical in the leaf, THC, has the properties of a pain killer. However, the other chemicals in the drug lead one to behind and prolonged use of it can cause memor (MORE)

What does marijuana do to your?

VERY BAD FOR YOU can lead to all cancers, diseases, abusing, and so much more all can lead to death talk top your doctor or someone if you or someone is on it Another View (MORE)

What do you do with marijuana?

Marijuana is a controlled substance in the United States and many other industrialized countries. In certain states and countries Marijuana is used medicinally by patients to (MORE)