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How do you get marijuana out your system?

Drink 8 glasses a day, and exercise. Also stop smoking. It should be out of your system within 3 days, unless you were a heavy chronic user before you stopped.

How do you cook with marijuana?

Most weed-related recipes call for the making of a certain quantity of "Marijuana Butter" or "Bud Butter", which is then used as a replacement for standard butter in a cooking (MORE)

Why is marijuana legal?

Medical Marijuana is "legal" only in 23 states of the US and only  for medical use (the use of the word legal is tentative as it does  contradict the federal law that's in s (MORE)

What is the best marijuana?

High Times claimed that the strand AK-47 won the world cup last year in 2009. This year, a strand named White Widdow that is suspected to win the 2010 cup

How will marijuana harm you?

Marijuana being harmful is a debatable topic. Some say it increases the potential for some cancers (it has also been known to decrease the risk for some) some say it can affec (MORE)

Who has the best marijuana?

Snoop Dogg by far. If you're really looking for good stuff, give 508-885-5019 a call, ask for the Bob Marley, extra crispy. Then give them your address, and they'll give you a (MORE)

How do you say no to marijuana?

you say hi  do you weant weed  if you said no you are ont e right track  if you said yes go get it and you will have failed at you task.  you just say no or yes whatev (MORE)

When do you plant marijuana?

It really depends on how you're going about it. Indoors or outdoors? That's a quick and easy look at it so you can get the basic gist of it, bu (MORE)

What do you do with marijuana?

Marijuana is a controlled substance in the United States and many other industrialized countries. In certain states and countries Marijuana is used medicinally by patients to (MORE)